Deciding to start or expand your family is a pretty amazing thing. I know that it’s incredibly common to put everyone before yourself. You do it every single day. When you’re pregnant it’s no different. Now your planning for your baby’s arrival.

All too often I see moms that come in for their newborn sessions wishing they had taken professional maternity photos. They see that gorgeous face and wish they had taken the time to cherish those moments and had someone there to capture them.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should plan a maternity portrait session.

1. Do it for you!

It’s no surprise that my first reason is going to be because, for once, do something for you! Have precious keepsakes showing your love for your baby before you even truly meet him or her. Have something to show them they were loved before they even came into this world. This moment is about you and your love for your child.

2. You’re beautiful!

 I know you may not feel like it right now, but there really is a special glow that come with pregnancy. Plus, YOUR HAIR! Seriously, I don’t ever hide the fact that I am jealous of your gorgeous locks. As much as I might try, I’ve never been able to bottle up that beauty secret. Plus, when you have a professional photographer that you are comfortable with, they can capture stunning images that you can be proud of and cherish for a lifetime.

3. A Great Way to Announce Your Having Baby to All Your Friends

Maternity portrait sessions are typically done around 30 weeks, so you may have already let loved ones know…but if you haven’t officially announced you’re expecting, then this is an excellent time to do the big reveal. It can just be you, you and your partner showing your love for each other and your baby, if your little nugget will have siblings it can be a sweet way to include them in the excitement or if you want a your WHOLE family, I’m talking grandparents, future aunts, uncles, the guy down the street (just kidding) then it can be a fun way for everyone to be part of this new beginning. Your friends and family will also LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the photos on your social media.

4. You Can Have Fun With It!

Most of my sessions are at the beach during sunset. We capture images at the pier, at a nearby forest, on the beach and in the water! You can have one dress or three! You can go all-out and get your hair and makeup done to treat yourself or, my favorite, come as your beautiful self, because lets face it, Florida’s humidity will be out to get you either way.

5. Memories For You and Your Family

These are photographs that will bring you joy year after year. One of my moms once told me there are only about 900 Saturdays between the day they are born and the day they leave for college. That time will go so fast, but these photographs will bring you back to the beginning each and every time you take a moment to look back at them.

So there you have it. Just a few reasons to plan a professional maternity photo shoot. If you’re in the St. Petersburg, Florida area and would like to schedule a Maternity shoot, please have a look at my maternity photo packages.