Children's Photography, Orlando, Florida

Catch Them While You Can! They Will Always Be Your Baby, But They Won’t Always Be This Little.

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Ok, while I don't have a plane or a train (yet), I do have a fancy car for toddlers, little boats and a wide array of props and backdrops. To ensure that your gallery is consistent, all items will come from our studio. However, if you have a special item or keepsake, we’d be happy to include it. Just let me know in advance so we can perfectly plan your session.

Sessions can take place at the beach, a park, in the studio or at your home! Kids run the show and if you want those true smiles, it's best to place them in an environment or with props where they can be themselves.


Photography is a great way to capture a moment in your child's life. It is entirely up to you when the right time to schedule a children's photography shoot is. Many people do milestones such as 6 months and 1 year, 2 year and so on, but please feel free to plan a children’s shoot at any time you like to remember them as they are.

what to expect from your children's photo session

What to expect will largely depend on the age of your child or children. When they are little, your baby is in charge of the session. I always set aside extra time to make sure we get amazing images. Sometimes we may have to wait out a pouty baby to get some smiley faces and I am more than happy to accommodate.

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