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Hello! I’m Lisa

i believe that photography can change lives.

While one of my degrees is in videography, I didn't discover the impact photography can have on a child and their family until I worked at Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf. I picked up a camera out of necessity. It was my job to raise close to a million dollars for these kids and we had zero marketing materials. I bought a basic DSLR camera and clicked away. I learn a lot about myself and these kids while I did.

Children who were once disconnected and terrified to be in front of the camera started to blossom throughout the year. Their self-esteem improved and their smiles got bigger.

By the end of the year, these kids performed in a video I made for a national competition AND we won! Sony Electronics, Inc. awarded this tiny but very important school $100,000 in technology. This is a wonderful achievement for kiddos who were once so scared to be themselves in front of the camera.

Now, I'm living the dream, helping you create beautiful memories, and capturing images of your little one's milestones and triumphs.

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